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Tree of life by Fawaz Alolaiwat Tree of life
I live in the middle east. I'm surrounded by the desert and a palm trees, but I love co...
Sad Mountain  by Fawaz Alolaiwat Sad Mountain
Feeling the earth around us is very important for our survival. Our ignorance towards m...
Can you Hear Me? by Fawaz Alolaiwat Can you Hear Me?
This piece expresses all the pain and anger against war and destruction, this man symbo...

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Tree of Life Tree of Life
Description: Life starts with a ...
Toxic girl Toxic girl
She's sweet and biter, she's wil...
Sad Mountain Sad Mountain
Feeling the earth around us is v...
Sweet girl Sweet girl
This is the girl of my dreams. t...
The Birth of Love (full) The Birth of Love (full)
Inspired by the thick forests of...
The Ability to fly The Ability to fly
This is an illustration self por...
Can you hear me ? Can you hear me ?
This piece expresses all the pai...

The artist behind fawazo

Fawaz Alolaiwat

Growing up, Fawaz was a big fan of legendary fictional characters like Spider Man and Grendizer. A basketball and football player and a fan of the arts (anime, comics, Sci-Fi movies, techno music and horror novels), Fawaz considers himself to be a creative mind with a passion for the expression of art in different forms. Majoring in Visual Communication at the Art Institute International, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, he gained extensive knowledge in many areas of design and communication. His work represents over 14 years of experience in electronic arts, branding, web and advertising design. His newest passions are photography, music, video and writing.
Born on September 4, 1977 in Bahrain, Fawaz grew up in a family of artists, giving him a true understanding of the world from many perspectives. He grew up in Bahrain, a place of culture, history, beautiful people, old textures, orange skies, the wide-open sea and the silent desert, a place that has given him much inspiration over the years.
It was at the age of 10, when he won his first award for an art piece called «Monsters Cafe» at a United Nations International Art Exhibition held in China, that he found his calling and direction in life as a graphic artist. By the age of 11, Fawaz was a certified Apple user and a year later became the first to teach Canvas. He still owns his first Mac LC. His upbringing gave him the motivation and encouragement he needed to keep pushing his mind to new creative limits: more color, texture and emotion.

Fawaz Alolaiwat's art

The radiant shades of a glowing sunset have inspired Fawaz to express vitality through art. In its most vivid intensities, the color orange is interpreted by this young artist as a fine balance between the drama of red, tempered by the cheerful humor of yellow. It is also the reflection of life, and the sweet and sour taste of the orange fruit. The influence of color on Fawaz’s work has enabled him to venture into vast galaxies of inspiration, knowledge and imagination.
Fawaz’s art experiments with a wide spectrum of color, moving between the heart, passion and lust of red, to art that draws from the elements – sky, sand, wood and water. He also dabbles with a unique blend of illustration and photography, pushing the boundaries of colors that match, and styles that have never before merged quite so effortlessly or obviously. Some collections are a visual assault on not just the eyes, but on all the human senses. Some illustration styles have a comic book, graphic novel feel to them that is rarely seen in a single, stand-alone painting. It is as if the work of art tells a story in just one idea or image.
The passing of time and the events shaping the world had a major influence on this unique artist. His art began gaining mass and taking shape. With so much to express, Fawaz is always looking for new tools, techniques and media with which to convey his message. Now that he has the power of the nu-digital age at his fingertips, his art projects his thoughts, experiences, dreams, hopes and imagination.
Fawaz believes that every day is a new opportunity to learn something that can show him a clearer vision of the future and the limitless boundaries of the imagination. He believes in the power of love and the universal message of peace that seems to get lost in the chaos that has engulfed the world we live in today.

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Girl Design Girl Design
Done in PS8
red girl red girl
illustration about a girl, who's...
Ghost Ship Ghost Ship
I wanted to create a haunting at...
Tree of Life Tree of Life
Description: Life starts with a ...
Bad Guy Bad Guy
Digital Art. // Contact me at :...
Behind the keffiyeh Behind the keffiyeh
This art i dedicated for palesti...
Toxic girl Toxic girl
She's sweet and biter, she's wil...
Sad Mountain Sad Mountain
Feeling the earth around us is v...
Well, this is one of my collage ...
Living room Living room
Living room, also known as sitti...
Suffering in Silence Suffering in Silence
This is my vision of who suffer ...
Time out for tea wherever they go Time out for tea wherever they go
Coloring for grownups. This piec...

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Hey Antonella I love your work and I just ordered all you...

Tree of Life

Thank you all for the comments and votes. I love sharing ...

Tree of life

Thank you all for the comments and votes. I love sharing ...


Thanx man Will keep on it till the end. Peace & respect F...


Hi Linda Thank you for your constructive comments. much ...

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Hey fawazo,
Congratulations with 'Can you hear me?' :)
Where there a problem with your latest submission?

delete Sune
2201 471 6
10:48 a.m. on September 5th, 2008

If you upload another version, and write so in the description box, we'll change it for you. You do, however, have to stay with the square format, its just one of those things that can't be changed. But feel free to be creative with adjusting your piece..

delete Sune
2201 471 6
4:21 p.m. on September 5th, 2008

You're welcome! Thanks for the great art! :)

delete Linda
2107 292 2
1:59 p.m. on January 26th, 2009

Please contact me ASAP! I'd love to have your permission to use "Toxic Girl" on the cover of my next book.

Thank you! Dr. Alaimo: alaimo@uta.edu

delete stacya
1 1 0
3:09 p.m. on December 16th, 2009

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