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Family by Jimmy Tan W H Family
This piece of my artwork is inspired by my imagination. They are 'flying foxes' with wi...

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hairy so fun hairy so fun
another version of my work Hairy...
Hairy Fun Hairy Fun
This piece of my artwork is insp...
family family
i used hand drawing create this,...
 ?"bao" ?"bao"
a digital mixed media artwork ab...

The artist behind eggstroke

Jimmy Tan W H

i first trained as a illustrator at TheOne Academy, K.L. and then worked in a fashion line street brand.
I am currently do a lot illustration and design for magazines, fashion street brand and submit artwork to Yayart and tshirt competition.
There’s a statement always in my mind, “Learning is endless irregardless of what age you are” and this has kept me up in order to move on in illustrator/designer’s career path… welcome to visit.

Jimmy Tan W H's art

Recently I personally feel like the universe is black & white, I think the biggest contrast you can create in your work come from black & white. I love to play with contrast and rhythm. Also I consider myself to be a compulsive drawer. It is all about rhythm. It can be very slow and persistent rhythm, where I like to see paint come out of my pen.

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Antigua and Barbuda















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Fallen Puppet Fallen Puppet
finally the puppet runaway from ...
hairy so fun hairy so fun
another version of my work Hairy...
paint alive paint alive
never quit painting.
mushroom princess mushroom princess
My three favorite things are mus...
Ugly is Beautiful, vice versa Ugly is Beautiful, vice versa
This is art, either way. People ...
Cendres Cendres
Referenced portrait from Keren A...
one home..peace one home..peace
this peace is dedicated for worl...
when happiness knows no bouds when happiness knows no bouds
My digital art is a representati...
The Boy Who Would Be King The Boy Who Would Be King
This boy has attitude and he kno...
Lost Memory Lost Memory
Sometimes sweet memory of life f...
firefleshmachine firefleshmachine
Sea of Despair Sea of Despair
An illustration about love and s...

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mushroom princess

Hey brother!! Awesome!!

paint alive


Yay! It's YayDay..

Thankss get voted by all of you guys!


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